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Latex Balloons & The Environment:

Latex is a natural product made from the sap of rubber trees ( a renewable source). They
biodegrade from exposure to ultraviolet light & ozone, & have been proven to decompose in
nature @ a faster rate than oak leaves.

Proper release of balloons requires that no ribbons or plastic closures be used. Once released,
Balloons travel high into the atmosphere & shatter from the cold temperatures & lack of air
pressure. The small fragments that do float back to earth are widely dispersed to decompose
with other natural materials.

Mylar Balloons are made from metallic paper & should NEVER be released, as they conduct
electricity & may come into contact with power lines, causing possible power outages.

Please note that not all colors appear the same on all monitors, this chart is for general comparisons
only & may not be a true representation of the acutal balloon color.